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    Our Giro Bidon is live on the site.

    Bottles are Bidons but in Italian it’s bottiglia.

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    Epic Ducati Sport Classic Biposto by Drifter Bikes out of Sydney, Australia.

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    Campagnolo…as seen on Aermacchi Harley-Davidson

    Shot by TrueBikerSpirit

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    My first car was a Baja… not as cool as this, tho.

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    By @chiharuko: GIRO EMPIRE MTB Shoes
    Mavic Fulyと比べものにならない軽さ。ホールド感も良し。
    #girocycling #giroempire September 12, 2014 at 06:43PM http://ift.tt/1BzGVGP

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    From roadbikepics - #sworks#venge pic from : @loganvanway http://ift.tt/Xbq8Kv
    Vive le Vélo

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    I want

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